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Product Reviews

Streamline the process of gathering and showcasing product-specific reviews effortlessly. With our user-friendly solution, you can effortlessly collect reviews tailored to each product and seamlessly exhibit them on your website, all without the need for complex coding.

Simplify the feedback loop and enhance your customers' shopping experience with eas

No Monthly Invitation Limits

ReviewStream empowers you to collect reviews without the constraint of monthly invitation limits. Our URL-based review collection approach allows you to gather feedback at a rapid pace, ensuring you can accumulate reviews as needed within your preferred timefram

Display Product Review Dynamicly

Easily showcase relevant reviews on your product page using our quick-to-install widget. Seamlessly display reviews tailored to specific products based on their unique IDs. For those with technical expertise, customize the display with CSS adjustments, and for advanced users, API access to reviews is available for integration.

How does it work?

3 Steps for collecting and displaying reviews

Sign Up for Free

Begin your journey with ReviewStream by creating a free account. Our range of free plans allows you to explore our platform and discover how we can elevate your review collection process.

Create Your Project

Once you've signed up, create your project effortlessly. Upon completion, you'll receive a unique URL dedicated to your review page. Simply direct users to this URL to initiate the review collection proces

Display Your Reviews

Integration is a breeze with ReviewStream. Copy and paste the provided widget code onto your website to showcase your collected reviews. Customize the code to display reviews tailored to specific products, effortlessly enhancing your online presence.

How we make review collection quick and simple

Multiple Clients

Efficiently manage and cater to various businesses by creating and organizing multiple client profiles within the app.


Gain valuable insights into review trends and performance through comprehensive reporting features integrated into the website.

Widget Integration

Seamlessly display collected product specific reviews using our easy-to-implement widget, enhancing your online presence and credibility.

Unique Review URLs

Provide each client with a unique URL for review collection, ensuring a easy feedback loop.

Product Review Collection

Effortlessly gather and manage product-specific reviews with precision and ease

Pricing made easy

Our plans are created to grow with your business. We d


$00/ mo

  • 50 reviews
    per project
  • 1 project
  • Widget & API access
  • Review collection URL
  • Email support
  • Get Started Now


$$150/ mo

  • 10000 stored reviews
    per project
  • 5 projects
  • Widget & API access
  • Review collection URL
  • Email support
  • Get Started Now


$$300/ mo

  • 30000 stored reviews
    per project
  • 10 projects
  • Widget & API access
  • Review collection URL
  • Email support
  • Get Started Now